Accessing and Navigating the Volunteer Toolkit

Accessing the Volunteer Toolkit

To access the Volunteer Toolkit, simply click the yellow “My GS” button on the right side of our Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa website! Select “Volunteer Toolkit” from the drop-down list to proceed to the log-in screen.



After logging in, you will be asked to select “Volunteer Toolkit” once more.

*Please note that any links in the green selection bar, the top-right corner, the search bar, or the GSGI logo will redirect you to our website. The My GS button will lead you back to your options.

Navigating the Volunteer Toolkit


  1. VTK Tabs (see descriptions below)
  2. See Past Years
    • View archive of previously selected year plans from past membership years.
  3. Options
    • Print your current screen or one of the provided options by clicking the green printer icon.
    • Download the plan or resource by clicking the green down-arrow bracket icon.
    • Seek out additional help by clicking the green circled question mark icon.
  4. Drop-Down Menu for Multiple Troops
    • If you are listed as the Troop Leader for multiple troops, you will have access to toggle between your troops’ year plans with this function. It will list your troop number and the level associated with the troop.
  5. Sign Out button
    • Once you are done working in VTK, you can sign out, and it will redirect you back to our GSGI website.

Volunteer Toolkit Tabs

My Troop

  • This tab holds your complete girl roster with primary parent/guardian, e-mail address, and phone number.
  • On each girl, you will click the green > prior to their name to drop down the details, including attendance & earned achievements that you’ve marked in meeting plans.
  • You can e-mail parents, as well as add, change, or remove a troop photo to customize this tab.

Year Plan

  • This tab appears first each time when you sign in. You can select your year plan applicable for your level or create your own year plan to fit your schedule.
  • Orange bars: “Milestones” set up by GSGI to remind troops of important dates in the GS year
  • Gray boxes: Past meetings & activities
  • Past events cannot be moved or edited.
  • Orange box: Next meeting
  • Green boxes: Future meetings
  • Upcoming meetings can be moved using the bar in front to drag & drop into new place.
  • Blue boxes: Added activities (custom or council)

Meeting Plan

  • This tab delivers a pre-set layout for each meeting with a meeting overview, activity plan, materials list, and printable meetings.
  • Additionally, you can review & send a meeting reminder e-mail, track girl attendance or achievements, and customize your meeting agenda. This tab can also be accessed by clicking any meeting on the Year Plan tab.


  • This tab provides several sections of GSUSA resources based upon category, including adult-to-girl supervision ratio chart. The search bar allows you to search based on the title of meeting aids through all program levels.


This tab is currently not being utilized by our council. To submit your annual Finance Report, please use this form.


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