March 2017: Your Checklist for Success

Need a refresher from last month? Check out the February Checklist!

Need to download a copy of the March Checklist? Click here!

    March At-a-Glance

    • March 2: First auto-withdrawal for the 2017 Cookie Program takes place.
    • March 11: First Aid/CPR Training in Ankeny.
    • March 12: Order-Taking ends for the 2017 Cookie Program.
    • March 19: COCOdirect and booth sales end for the 2017 Cookie Program.

    Upcoming – For Girls, Troops, and Families

    Claim Her Spot for the Best Summer Ever – For Only $35!

    • Did you know? You don’t have to pay your Girl Scout’s full camp session fee all at once! Only the $35 deposit is due at the time you register, and then you can pay the rest later (and apply the Cookie Dough your Girl Scout earns this year). Check out the awesome sessions at Camp Sacajawea and Camp Tanglefoot, and register today!

    Winter Events

    Troops and Girl Scout families can view and register for events around the council from the Events Calendar on our website. You can also find program kits and field trips online!
    Be sure to check out upcoming programs near you:

    • Camp Cookout – Join us March 25 to learn all about cooking over a campfire at the Des Moines Leadership Center (grades 2-5).
    • Backpacking Adventure – Girls in grades 4-12 can join us April 13-15 for a backpacking trip in the Loess Hills!
    • Red Cross Babysitting Class – Cadettes and older can gain valuable training to be a safe, reliable babysitter through the Red Cross! The cost (for supplies) is $25/girl; maximum participants is 12. If your troop or service unit is interested in hosting a class, email with the following info: leader name, email address, city, # of girls, potential dates (supply two), potential location.

    Volunteer Resources

    Wells Fargo Community Service Grant

    • Thanks to Wells Fargo, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa troops have the opportunity to receive grant funding ($100 – $500) for service projects in local communities. Find out more information on what projects qualify and how to apply on our website at!

    Circle of Excellence Registration is OPEN!

    • Registration is open now for our big Circle of Excellence celebration on April 22 in Ames! Dr. Nancy Franz will be our keynote speaker, and the event will be FREE for all current Girl Scout members (girls and adults), and $15 per non-member – please note that registration is still required for all, even if you do not need to pay a registration fee. Register now on our website Event List!

    First-Aid/CPR Classes

    • Need to complete your first aid/CPR training? We have a few scheduled trainings coming up across the council (first aid/CPR training will also be available at the Fall Leader Retreat – see below for more info).

    Indoor Trampoline Parks and Safety

    • With the council’s express permission, indoor trampoline parks are one of only two freefall activities not prohibited by Girl Scouts. An indoor trampoline park is an enclosed gymnasium-like space consisting of many connected trampolines used to turn an entire room into a massive trampoline. Indoor trampoline courts, because they are contained, low-impact, and adjustable to size and skill-level of participants, is one of two freefall activities not prohibited by Girl Scouts. Indoor Trampoline Parks have padded walls, soft (may be foam pits) landing areas and staff trained to watch for possible unsafe behavior. Indoor trampolining is not recommended for Girl Scout Daisies.
    • Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa has only approved the following indoor trampoline parks to date.  If you have a park in your area please let us know so we can verify they meet the safety standards.  Be sure that each family has signed a specific release form for the facility for each of your girls.  If you have any questions please contact your Troop Support Manager.
      • Sky Zone Trampoline Park, 1300 SE Gateway Dr. #103, Grimes, IA 50111
      • Get Air Des Moines, 3799 86th St, Urbandale, IA 50322

    Save the Date for the Fall Leader Retreat

    • The 2017 Fall Leader Retreat will take place October 20-22 at beautiful Camp Sacajawea in Boone! Keep an eye out for more information, including details on which volunteer training will be offered, daily schedules, and more.

    Girl Scout Week

    Girl Scout Q&A

    Q: Can I get gluten free Trios through my Planned Order in Snap+?

    A: Trios will not be available through the Planned Order process to pick up at cupboards. If a troop would like Trios they will need to get them from a troop who does have them and do a Troop-to-Troop Transfer. We encourage troops to network amongst one another as well as check out the Facebook groups which may be available for leaders to access in their respective areas.  Troops who are picking up Planned Orders at a cupboard may also ask the cupboard manager if they have any Trios from any exchanges, and if the cupboard does the troop is welcome to them. However, inventory is not guaranteed and they will be given on a first-come, first-served basis; we are unable to hold Trios for any troops.

    Q: How much will be withdrawn from my troop bank account during the first Cookie Program auto-withdrawal on March 2?

    A: On February 23, the Troop Product Manager will receive an email detailing the amount that will be withdrawn on March 2. This total is calculated by $1/package received by the troop through February 18. For the second auto-withdrawal on April 4, the remaining balance due will be withdrawn.

    Q: How can I get in touch with local leaders to exchange cookies?

    A: Check out our region-based Facebook cookie exchange notes! You can post in the comments with what you have or are looking for, and then exchange contact information with each other via private message. Check out the exchange note nearest you:

    Daisy LowCookies, Summer Camp