Frequently Asked Questions About the Volunteer Toolkit


Not only can you renew membership through Volunteer Toolkit (as well as Member Profile), but you can also check out our calendar events by clicking “Add Activity.” When you click “Select Activity and Register Now,” it will add the event to your calendar and re-direct you to Doubleknot for your event registration.

Can I register for programs or camp through VTK?


In order to use resources wisely, GSUSA had to narrow the focus when initially implementing. Since older girls have more experience making decisions and planning their own meetings, it was decided to implement the K-5 meeting plans first.

Older girl troops can still use VTK to communicate with families and plan activities with the Create Your Own Year Plan option. Additional resources for older girl troops will be rolled out in the future.

Why does VTK only include Year Plans for K-5 troops?


If your troop is listed as a multi-level troop with two active Troop Leaders, you are now able to create your own year plan. If your troop is listed as a specific level (Daisy, Brownie, or Junior), you are also now able to access all meeting plans and add meetings from other program levels by clicking “Add Meeting.”

To plan two meetings of different levels into one meeting time: ensure your meeting schedule has been set. Add your desired meetings of another level to the Year Plan tab. Next, open “Specify Dates and Locations” on your Year Plan tab. Click on the Calendar symbol by one of the applicable meetings, select “Combine Meetings,” and check the meetings you wish to combine. By clicking “Continue,” you will select the new date for the applicable meetings & save your selection.

What about multi-level troops?


There is no Year Plan for the It’s Your World Journey series. Refer to the adult Journey guide.

We are currently not utilizing the Finances tab. Continue to access troop financial forms from our website.

Information on Highest Awards, bridging, safety awards, and additional badges & awards are not included in VTK. Refer to the Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting.

What's not in the VTK?


Parents/guardians can log in to their own My GS account and view parts of the VTK, but they cannot make any changes. They can view the Year Plan, most of the Meeting Plan, and view & search for Resources.

In the Troop tab, parents can view their girl’s membership & contact details but cannot view other girls.

Parents/caregivers can use their online account to make changes to their Girl Scout’s information (contacts, membership, family profile), but cannot change the troop information.

What can parents/guardians view in the VTK?


You can download and save your VTK plans into any digital device, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You can also print VTK plans to take with you to your meeting.

If I don't have internet at my meeting place, how can I access VTK?


VTK can be accessed from any electronic device – tablet, smartphone, or laptop – with internet capability. Libraries and coffee shops are a great resource for those who don’t have access to internet at home. You can print meeting plans or download them onto an electronic device to use without internet access at your meeting.

What about volunteers who don't have internet access at home?


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