New Leader Checklist

So You’re a New Girl Scout Leader!

We're so excited that you've decided to start your Girl Scout volunteer journey, and we want to make the process as easy as possible.

Here is your new leader checklist - and you can download a handy printable version (with fillable areas for details like locations and dates) here if you like checking things off your to-do list as much as we do!

1. Get started by joining now!

  • Become a registered adult Girl Scout member.

  • Complete the Verified Volunteers background check.

  • Watch Welcome video & answer questions in MyGS.

2. Attend Troop Leader Academy to learn more!

3. Review and sign your Troop Volunteer Agreement.

4. Get to know your resources:

5. Complete the following required trainings in-person or online through the Volunteer Training Portal.

  • Managing Troops & Groups

  • Leading Your Level (Part I and Level-Specific)

6. Connect with your Service Unit Manager and other volunteers in your community.

  • Find out the meeting schedule for your Service Unit.

7. Meet with your troop volunteer(s):

  • Troops must have 2 leaders/co-leaders (must be unrelated and one must be female).

  • All volunteers must become registered adult Girl Scout members & complete the background check.

  • Determine additional volunteer roles.

    • Suggestions: Fall Product Manager, Cookie Manager, Troop Treasurer, Meeting Helper, Communications Coordinator, Chaperone

  • Review Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting, Journey books, & Volunteer Toolkit to brainstorm ideas.

  • Review your list of registered girls by signing into MyGS – Volunteer Toolkit & clicking “My Troop” tab.

  • Write a parent letter/email.

8. Communicate with all troop families:

  • Send parent letter/email about first meetings.

  • Schedule and hold a Parent/Guardian Meeting.

  • Determine troop dues (if any).

  • Decide on Troop Meeting details.

Helpful Hint: Schedule your troop meetings around your availability. As much as possible, take into account your family needs, holidays, and availability of meeting place.

Troops meet at many locations, including schools, churches and local community centers.

9. Begin using Volunteer Toolkit:

  • Choose a year plan to customize.

  • Set up your first few meetings.

10. Hold your first Troop Meeting:

  • Make sure all girl & adult registrations are completed - financial assistance is available.

  • Confirm completed background checks by troop volunteers.

  • Get parents active in troop volunteer roles.

  • Discuss & brainstorm how the year ahead can look.

  • See if older Girls Scouts are available to assist.

11. Open a Girl Scout Bank Account:

12. Enjoy your volunteer adventure!

If you have any questions along the way, email us at, or give us a call at 800-342-8389!