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Shout Out! Newsletters are your best resource for up-to-date information on the Product Programs. Shout Outs are sent on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. Join the mailing list here! If you miss an edition or can't find your copy, all Shout Outs will be posted to this page! 

2019 Cookie Program: 

November 15: Cookie Training and the Cookie Kick-Offs

November 29: Fall Product Updates and Cookie Prep

December 6: Cookie Program Materials Have Shipped Directly to Troops!

December 13: Training Materials are Posted on The Bridge!

January 3: Initial Orders, Troop Kick-Offs, and Credit Card Payments

January 10: Bank Account Info, Booth Sale Lottery

January 17: Preparing for the Cookie Program

January 24: Planned Orders and Cookie Cupboards

January 31: The Cookie Program Starts Tomorrow!

February 7: Booth Sales and Cookie Cupboards

February 8: SPECIAL EDITION - Gift Boxes Back In-Stock

February 14: SPECIAL EDITION - Gluten Free Available for Direct Ship Only

February 14: Preparing for the First Auto-Withdrawal

February 21: Program Extension Announcement

February 28: Transferring Cookies

March 7: Managing Inventory and Entering Rewards Orders

March 14: Last Chance to Order More Cookies!

March 19: SPECIAL EDITION - Low Inventory

March 21: Returns and Reward Orders

March 28: Reminders About Important Dates

April 4: Final Auto-Withdrawal

April 11: Help Us Update Addresses!

2018 Fall Product Program: 

August 2: Welcome Back! What's New, Training Dates, and More

August 9: Training Info

August 16: Be Sure to Fill Out Your Agreement Forms!

August 23: Training Recordings are On the Bridge

August 31: Materials Arriving Next Week

September 6: Girl Logins in UNIFY

September 13: Online Sales Have Begun!

September 20: Hosting Your Kick-Off Meeting

September 27: Entering Your Bank Account Info in UNIFY

October 4: Helping Girls Set Up their UNIFY Girl Dashboard

October 11: Wrapping Up the Fall Product Program

October 18: Entering Product and Reward Orders in UNIFY

October 25: Auto-Withdrawal Emails

November 1: Fall Product Delivery Process

November 8: Deliveries and Reward Details