Special Outdoor Activities in the VTK


Getting More Girls Outside More Often

We have enhanced the functionality of the Volunteer Toolkit by adding outside activity options to ten badges—making it easier to Get Girls Outside! Research shows that outside activities positively impact girls' physical, social, and emotional development and encourage girls to become stewards of the environment.

Petals and Badges to Get Girls Outside!

Badges with activities to Get Girls Outside! are marked with one of these an evergreen tree like the one below. 

tree image 2.png

You’ll find the evergreen tree icon next to the badge description in the year plan and the activity title in the meeting plan / meeting agenda list. And it’s so much fun! Once an outside activity is added to the meeting plan / meeting agenda list, the evergreen tree icon turns green.


Daisy Petals



Brownie Badges

First Aid, requirements 1 & 2

Making Games, requirements 1 & 2

Snacks, requirements 1 & 2

Senses, requirements 1 & 2

Junior Badges

First Aid, requirements 1 & 2

Simple Meals, requirements 1 & 2

Detective, requirements 1 & 2

Staying Fit, requirements 1 & 2

How to add Get Girls Outside! badges to your year plan

  • Go to the “Year Plan” tab. Click “See Year Plan Library” and select a pre-populated year plan or create your own year plan.
  • Click “Add Meeting” to launch the meeting library filter. Select:
    • Grade level (Daisy, Brownie, or Junior)
    • Type of meeting plan: badges or petals
    • Badge category: outdoor
  • Click “View Meeting Plans” to view options. Select one of the Get Girls Outside! badge meetings listed (be sure to select meetings one and two for Brownies and Juniors) and click “Add To Year Plan.”

How to view activities to get girls outside in your meeting plan

  • Select the title of the activity in the meeting agenda list where the evergreen tree icon appears.
  • In the agenda pop-up modal, select “Get Girls Outside!” at the top of the page to view the outside option, and click “Save” to add it to your meeting plan.
  • You will know that the get-girls-outside activity has been added to your meeting plan when the evergreen tree icon is green in the meeting plan and year plan.

Get Girls Outside! is generously funded by a grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation, and supports activities, such as the badge requirements here, to get girls outdoors.


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