Early Bird

It's Early Bird time! Your Girl Scout troop can get a head-start for another great year by renewing your Girl Scout membership for 2018-19. Girl and adults can earn special incentives through Early Bird registration. Why wait?

Early Bird Dates: April 15 – May 31, 2018

Why Early Bird?

  • Exclusive Event! We'll be hosting super-fun Unicorns & Dragons events all across the council this summer - FREE for girls who register during Early Bird!
  • Patches! Every girl who registers during Early Bird gets a cool custom patch. Girls who attend the Unicorns & Dragons events will also get a sweet event patch! 
  • Get $25 for 5! Your troop will get $5 deposited back into your troop account for each adult registration (up to five adult volunteers). This deposit will take place after you complete your Troop Finance Report for this year.  
Early Bird Patch Final.jpg


Ready to Get Started?

Check out our handy step-by-step guides, based on how you would like to renew your troop:

Other Year-End Wrap-Up

As many troops start planning Bridging Ceremonies and Court of Awards events, it’s also a great time to wrap-up a few administrative items that will set you up for success in the fall:

  • Troop Finance Report (Due 6/30/18) – Last year we simplified the Troop Finance Report so it’s easy for troops to report on their finances (we’re required by the IRS to make sure we keep proper records of funds on file).
  • Service Unit Finance Report (Due 6/30/18) – Service Unit Managers: we also have a simple form for reporting on the finances of the service unit bank account!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is required to qualify for the Early Bird incentives?

A: All girls and adults registered by May 31 for the 2018-19 year qualify for the free exclusive event, and girls will receive their free Early Bird patch in the mail! For the $25 for 5 Adult incentive, troops must also submit the annual Troop Finance Report on time.

Q: What are the different ways that I can renew my troop?

A: There are a few different ways that your troop can renew during Early Bird:

  • You can renew any or all troop members through MyGS (payment by credit/debit card).
  • You can get permission from parents/guardians and request to renew your troop using girls’ Cookie Dough funds or Troop Credits.
  • You can give parents/guardians in your troop the information on how to renew their Girl Scout in MyGS or how to request renewal using her Cookie Dough.

Q: If girls in my troop renew through Early Bird, how will they register for their exclusive event?

A: Registration for the Unicorns & Dragons events will open in early June – a link to register for FREE will be sent to all those who registered before May 31!

Q: How do we get the “$25 for 5” to use for adult renewal?

A: Troops will be reimbursed after paying the full membership dues amount. Troops must complete the annual Troop Finance Report (on time) before reimbursement.

Q: What is the difference between renewing my troop using Cookie Dough or renewing using Troop Credits?

A: Cookie Dough is an individual recognition earned by each girl. Parents can give permission for troop leaders to apply this towards renewing their membership (or request to do so themselves). Troop Credits are program credits (Cookie Dough and Munch Money) from girls in grades K-4 that were unused when they expired in September of the previous year. These credits were rolled over into a Troop Credit account number, which was communicated to leaders in October. 


Have any other questions? Give us a call at 800-342-8389, or email us at info@gsiowa.org— we’re here to help!