Early Bird

Early Bird Renewal has wrapped up for another year. Thank you to everyone who got a jump-start on the 2017-18 year (and earned some awesome incentives in the process) by renewing their membership by June 30! Keep an eye out for more information on next year's Early Bird Renewal.

Looking for details on any Early Bird incentives from this year? Check out our round-up below: 

Early Bird Incentives: 

  • Exclusive Event! We’ll be hosting super-fun zombie-themed events all across the council this summer – FREE for girls who registered during Early Bird!
  • Exclusive T-Shirt! Girls and adults who registered for the awesome zombie events will be able to order an exclusive zombie t-shirt for $5.
  • Patches! Every girl who registered during Early Bird gets a cool custom patch.
  • Get $25 for 5! Your troop will get $5 off the adult registration for up to five adult volunteers.
  • Service Unit Fun! If your service unit renewed 50% of your Girl Scouts (girl members only) during Early Bird, the service unit will get a $25 gift card to use on something fun for an event!

Q: If girls in my troop renew through Early Bird, how will they register for their exclusive event?

A: Once girls have renewed through Early Bird, they can register for the exclusive Zombie Event in their area! While registering, just make sure that they select the “Free – Early Bird Renewal” price level or the “$5 Early Bird Renewal with exclusive t-shirt” price level.

Q: How do we get the “$25 for 5” to use for adult renewal?

A: Troops will be reimbursed after paying the full membership dues amount. Troops must complete the annual Troop Finance Report (on time) before reimbursement.

Q: How will we know if our service unit reaches the 50% renewal mark to earn the gift card? 

A: We’ll track service unit Early Bird participation, and reach out to Service Unit Managers once their service unit reaches 50% girl renewal. Participation numbers will be tracked as of April 1, 2017.