Shout Out Newsletters

Shout Out! Newsletters are your best resource for up-to-date information on the Product Programs. Shout Outs are sent on Thursday evenings at 6pm. If you miss an edition or can't find your copy, all Shout Outs will be posted to this page! 

August 10: Welcome Back - Fall Product Updates

August 17: Fall Product Training

August 24: Nut-E Logins

August 31: Product Program Permission Forms

September 7: Troop Cookie Dough

September 14: New Training Videos

September 21: Final Prep for the Fall Product Program

September 28: Setting Up Your Online Store

October 5: Bank Accounts and Social Media

October 12: Wrapping Up the Fall Product Program

October 19: Product and Recognition Orders

October 26: Auto-Withdrawal Confirmation Emails Coming Oct. 31

November 2: Product Delivery Process

November 9: Product Delivery Starts Soon!

November 16: Cookie Program Training