Shout Out Newsletters

Shout Out! Newsletters are your best resource for up-to-date information on the Product Programs. Shout Outs are sent on Thursday evenings at 6pm. If you miss an edition or can't find your copy, all Shout Outs will be posted to this page! 

2018 Fall Product Program: 

August 2: Welcome Back! What's New, Training Dates, and More

August 9: Training Info

August 16: Be Sure to Fill Out Your Agreement Forms!

August 23: Training Recordings are On the Bridge

August 31: Materials Arriving Next Week

September 6: Girl Logins in UNIFY

September 13: Online Sales Have Begun!

2018 Cookie Program: 

November 16: Cookie Program Training

November 30: Smart Cookies Logins

December 7: Intro to Smart Cookies

December 14: Cookie Training Recordings are Up

January 4: Building an Initial Order

January 11: Initial Orders due January 16

January 18: Managing Finances

January 25: Cookie Cupboards and Planned Orders

February 1: The Cookie Program Starts Today!

February 8: Booth Sales Start Tomorrow

February 15: Trios Update and Finances

February 22: Express Ordering Ends - Planned Orders Due Sunday

February 23: SPECIAL EDITION - Free S'mores for Booth Sales

March 1: Exchanges and Cookie Check-Out

March 12: SPECIAL EDITION- Option to Return Limited Varieties

March 15: Wrapping Up the Cookie Program

March 22: Transfers and Recognition Orders

March 29: Final Auto-Withdrawal and Recognition Timing

April 5: Ways to Use Program Credits

April 12: Summer Sales and Cookies on Parade

April 19: Buy 5 Winners and Girl Scout Day at Adventureland