How to Hold a Fantastic First Parent Meeting!

You’re registered, you’re trained, and now you’re ready to hold your first troop/parent meeting! We know it can be scary starting something new, so we’re here to help.

Here's a sample agenda for the first time you meet with the parents/guardians of your excited new Girl Scouts - having things written out can help things go super smoothly.

You can download a printable version of the agenda, too!

Girl Scout Parent Meeting Agenda

Be sure to reserve meeting space; use your troop roster to invite all parents/guardians.

Welcome & Introductions:

  • Have each adult share their name and what they hope their daughter will get out of Girl Scouting.
  • Leader(s) also share what they hope the troop will gain from the year.

Brief Overview of Girl Scouts

  • Mission: To build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place
  • Girl led (decision-making and planning), Hands-on (active not passive), and Collaborative (girls feel safer to try new things in collaborative team-based environments)
  • Girl Scout of Greater Iowa is our local council -

Girl Scout Troop Specifics

  • Meeting time, day frequency and locations
  • Finances
  • Dues (how much, how often)
  • Financial assistance available
  • Uniforms (will the girls wear a sash or vest, or choose for themselves?)
  • Participating in the Fall Product and Cookie Programs – helps girls learn budgeting and business skills, plus helps the troop pay activities, costs for camps, training, and other resources.

We <3 Our Troop Parents

  • Building a Troop Committee – Share the list of jobs, get volunteers to join in on the fun!
    • Adult membership registration (annual fee or lifetime membership) and background check required for all participating adults
  • Snack Coordination?
  • Troop Supply needs (wish list for a troop supply box)
  • Pick-up Etiquette – Please provide transportation to and from meetings in a timely manner (e.g. within 5-10 minutes after ending of meeting)

Forms & Actions to Take

Activities with Girls (if they are present) – If possible, bring an outside group in to help with girls while you’re meeting with parents!

  • Fun activities while adults meet
  • Brainstorming activity ideas

Reminder of next meeting date and goodbyes!